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CWA'S 16TH ANNUAL CORN ROAST - Saturday August 15th, 2015

The Corn Roast is the last of the four summer events for the CWA, right after the Poker Run. Both lived up to all expectations. Since the day before the Corn Roast was so totally awful, and the day of the roast last year was so marginal, we deserved what we got – a perfect summer day and evening.

Attendance was high, right around the 200 mark. Unfortunately host Jack King’s health prevented he and Willa from being with us again this year, so we toasted him in absentia to start the event. Jack’s tireless deputy Larry Laidlaw used his own energy and that of a good cast of volunteers to freshen up Jack’s Knoll for the event, John and Darin Hoar for supplying and implementing the lights, the beer keg, delivery to and from the storage unit, plus more; the food committee (Peggy Frederikse, Sue Hewlett & Kathy Baker) brought in all the burgers and hot dogs for Jim Patterson and Stan Koebel to barbeque, Jim Allen brought his music, the Mooney/Wasielewski family brought the huge corn kettle and its tripod, Faye and Ken Brett of Jeffery Road donated the freshly picked corn from their farm in Aramanth, Dave Sankey cooked the latter in the former, Owen Locke ran the children’s games, and Logan Naftel and Darin Hoar arranged for the wine and beer. Councilors Doug Weddell and Tim Brunton from the Ryerson and Mag councils were there with their wives Pat and Sharon to make it all official.

In short, a normal CWA event with lots of different people pitching in as usual to make another great Cecebe memory. Thanks to you all, but especially to Larry Laidlaw for his efforts in setting up, fixing up, and taking down all the facilities.

We took advantage of the occasion to hand out all the Regatta trophies for 2015. If you were not there and earned one and still don’t have it, check with family members to see who actually took possession of it at the roast. Mike Kinsey announced the winners of the Poker Run, and the staggering total of 78 poker hands. Up from 17 last year, in the downpour!

The beer and wine did their thing and then ran out about on schedule, and the party broke up about 9 pm so we even got home before dark.

Many thanks to everyone who brought food items or gave cash to the Food Bank - between the Poker Run and the corn Roast, CWA is donating $390.20 plus the food to the food bank.

May next year’s CWA events turn out as well as this year’s. Special thanks as always to the four event coordinators – Nancy Barlett and Jamie Bingham, Carolyn Quinton, Larry Laidlaw, and Mike Kinsey – who so energize the rest of us to be where we are needed.

Norm Cameron, President
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