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2010 was another excellent “spar” year. The new stainless steel chains purchased in 2007 are just like new. A few years ago the spar locations were GPS’d and when 2 of our spars came loose this past summer, it was quite easy to find the old anchors and re-locate the new ones. New anchor hoops – we have been working with Brooklyn Concrete south of Huntsville and purchased 6 new anchors with stainless steel hoops. CWA purchased the hoops separately and Brooklyn made up the anchors. The weak point with the existing anchors is that the “rebar” hoop is disintegrating due to electrolysis between the cement anchor and the lake water content. Over the next 4 or so years, most of the anchors will have to be replaced with the new hoops as stainless steel is impervious to electrolysis. The hoops will be either ½” or most likely 3/8” stainless steel.

The two new spars marking the safe channel between “Marshall Island” and the mainland at the entrance to Green Bay are working well and people using the channel at night are extremely pleased. New this year are 2 permanent year-round spars for the entrance to the Magnetawan harbor complete with waterproof solar lights. The lights will be attached in May and removed shortly after Thanksgiving. The spars will be very difficult to tip over and hopefully will not need much maintenance throughout the summer. The solar lights are designed to be submerged briefly without any damage.

Thanks to all of our spar volunteers and their helpers for looking after the spars each year. As mentioned above, this is not an easy job. If it’s not cold when they are put in the water in May, then for sure it’s really cold and the water is rough in October when they come out. Special thanks to Don Nancekivell and his helpers from Lakes End, Tim Brunton, Ted White, Dave and Delphine Rule, The Hewlett family, Dennis Mooney, Ken and Neil Mihan, Ted MacDonald, John McDonald and Wally Zelinsky. Safety on the water is of prime importance and one of our main priorities. Our volunteers are dedicated and conscientious and do a great job of looking after our Association.

A big welcome to Don Nancekivell who has volunteered to look after the 6 spars at the Lighthouse. Don hails from Barrie but spends most of his summer at his trailer located at Lakes End Park in Magnetawan. Don is very concerned about the safety of the boaters, skiers and swimmers travelling through the narrow channel in front of the trailer park/Lighthouse and hopes that boaters, to prevent accidents, will slow down as they go through. Don is an avid fisherman and loves being outside. Welcome, Don and many thanks for taking on this responsibility.

A special “thank you” goes to Norm Cameron who has just retired from “spar duty”. Norm and Jack Bowman have taken out these six spars for many years. Jack retired over a year ago when he and Pat moved to Vancouver, leaving the whole job to Norm and whatever volunteer he could find. Their efforts have really been appreciated by all boaters. Norm’s last duty in October was to train Don who takes over the lighthouse spars this Spring. Many thanks, Norm. As he is still a director, though, we’ll still see Norm working away with the Association.

Hope you are having a great winter. Look forward to seeing you next summer out on the lake.

by Jeff Baker, Chair

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