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Ever wonder how the officers and directors of the Cecebe Waterways Association get elected? Every two years at the Annual General Meeting, elections are held. Volunteers who are Cecebe Waterways (CWA) members allow their names to stand for positions on the board.

You could have your name on the ballot if you wish. It’s a simple process. Two CWA members nominate you. You accept the nomination. Submit the forms to the nominating committee and your name is on the ballot. Very Easy.

The CWA has seven director positions. You can apply for any one of them. We also have three officer positions, President, Secretary and Treasurer. The position of President is vacant, so bring your ideas and other skills to the table and get yourself nominated.

If you would rather apply yourself to one of our committee positions we need a Food Bank Chair and a Water Quality person. No election for either of these positions, simply let us know you are interested and we will make it happen.

No time like the present to get involved with the Cecebe Waterways Association. Just go to the website (www.cecebewaterways.ca), click on “About Our Association” and then “CWA By-Laws” and then print off the downloadable Nomination Form, and/or the

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