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MY APOLOGIES AGAIN RE THE DELAY . . .along with a Member's Section Temporary Solution

Re: the “CWA NEEDS YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE SENDING YOU INFORMATION VIA EMAIL!” article that appeared in our Fall 2017 Newsletter and is shown below.

Good afternoon Cecebe members:

This email comes with a second apology about the delayed completion of the “Member’s” section update of our website (www.cecebewaterways.ca) and a temporary solution to the “Express Consent for Emails” that we are still needing from everyone.

As mentioned, the update to the “Member’s” section has and is taking a lot more time than we like, but once it is finished, you will be able to pay your membership fees, merchandise etc. through the website. It will also do a lot of internal CWA functions for us. As soon as the update is complete you will see a notice in this same column and an email will be sent out to everyone.

In the meantime, here is the temporary solution: If you go to the “About your Association” section of the website, tap on the CWA Privacy Policy tab - you will see the form on the web page, but also the same form (on the right-hand side of the page) as a pdf form. This form (shown below) can be opened, copied and used as a replacement.

Again, my apologies for the delay. Please bear with us as we work through the update and related problems. I look forward to contacting you as soon as this is finalized. And hope to hear from most of you in the meantime via the temporary solution.



Copied from the 2017 Fall Newsletter . . .


In conjunction with the July 1st 2017 Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Cecebe Waterways Association’s (CWA) intent to be compliant, we need your written consent to continue sending you bulletins, newsletters, events, promotions and other electronic messages.
In an effort to make this an easy process, just log into your CWA “Member’s Only” account (or signup for a new account) @ https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/members.htm to update your CWA membership profile and to set or adjust your communication preferences.
Many thanks for your help with this. We really appreciate your prompt reply – we certainly want to continue getting our info out to you in a timely fashion.

PS - You can revoke permission to your email address at any time by going back to the “Members”section and changing your preferences. You can also use the unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of every CWA email. We take your privacy seriously – the details of CWA’s privacy policy are available on our website under the About Your Association” tab. If you tap, or cut and paste the following link onto your internet browser it should take you right there. https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/cwa/cwa-privacy-policy.htm