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Payment To: treasurer@cecebewaterways.ca

Payee: Cecebe Waterways Association

Just a reminder that you can now pay for your annual fees, golf tournament, merchandise etc. online through Paypal (paypal.com) or by e-Transfer through your online banking system! Both options are quick, and easy as well.

PAYPAL: the web address is paypal.com If you already have an account with Paypal, then just sign in. If not, you can create your account and then sign in. There is no charge to you to sign up or to send money through Paypal and it is safe– your account will be linked to your choice of a credit or debit card or your bank. There is a nominal charge to CWA with each transaction (approximately 3 to 4%). Payee: Cecebe Waterways Association. The email address for your payment is: treasurer@cecebewaterways.ca

E-TRANSFER – this is a feature of your online banking and works via email. As above, all you need is the CWA name: Cecebe Waterways Association and the email address to which you are sending the payment: treasurer@cecebewaterways.ca There is no charge to CWA when paying by e-Transfer. There may or may not be a charge to you, the customer.

CHEQUE: Of course, you can still pay by cheque. Just make it out to “Cecebe Waterways Association” and mail it as directed by the event organizer of the event being paid for.

Please leave your details in the message area. In both cases, there is a place to leave a message. We ask that you please give explicit details as to why you are sending the money, so that we don’t have to call you back for the details. Is it for membership? Merchandise: Golf fees or golf dinner? We need all the details please.

Security Question and Answer: as you are completing the transfer form, the financial institutions will request a security question to which Darin, our treasurer will have to supply the answer when he accepts the deposit. Please pick a question to which Darin will automatically know the answer or advise him in advance.

We hope all of this will make your CWA business transactions faster and easier. Very soon we will have a payment link on the home page of the website, as well as a place where you can log in and leave your address details, phone numbers and other pertinent information.