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CWA's Facebook Group is now LIVE!

The Cecebe Waterways Facebook group is now up and adding members. Kathy Baker, Peggy Frederikse and Bev Cameron, the three administrators, will be happy to add you to the group right now. There are some 24 people already lined up to be signed in, but there is room for everyone – everyone that is a CWA member, of course, since this is a closed group to which only members can post their own contributions and read the posts of others.

This Facebook site is about Cecebe Waterways, just as the website is, but the input will be from any of the members rather than just the website administrator, and the input will appear whenever members want to post something. The three administrators will monitor what is posted only to keep members’ posts civilized and relevant. Expect it to be like a very long conversation with friends from all along the shoreline, carried on as often as we wish and even if at the time we are not on the shoreline we all love. Or like a smaller, more intimate version of the Magnetawan site that many of us belong to already to keep in touch with our area.

To get to the site, enter the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/cecebewaterways/

To join once you get there, click on the Join button on the opening page and tell the admins who you are. They will do the rest.

Many thanks to our tireless Communications Director, Kathy Baker, who with the help of my grandniece Skye, put this Facebook group together in between choir practices for the Cabaret performance this weekend. Ann Johnston offered to do it last fall, but unforeseen events beyond her control made that impossible. This is one more in a long list of communication firsts from Kathy for all the rest of us.

Norm Cameron,

President and proud member #4