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Glenn Miller:


As your Reeve I will fulfill the following:

· Work towards a consensus and solve problems.

· Balance individual concerns and rights against the common good for all.

· Work with others as a team.

· Make difficult decisions when required to do so.

· Respect the opinions and values of others.

· Provide direction and guidance.

· Be a strong voice for the community.


23 years on council for the Township of Ryerson. The last 12 years as Reeve for the Township of Ryerson

Past president of the Parry Sound Municipal

Member of the Burk’s Falls-Armour-Ryerson Arena Board


Chairman of the Southeast Planning Board

Ryerson’s appointee Library Board Member


· Born in Burk’s Falls and has lived in Ryerson Township for 68 years.

· Operated dairy farm located in Ryerson Township for 15 years.

· Worked as a carpenter foreman in Huntsville for the last 17 years.

· Attended Centennial College for Business Administration.

· Graduate of the Advance Leadership Program at University of Guelph.

· Husband, father of three and grandfather to eight.


Email: robertglenn0923@gmail.com

Website: www.voteglennmiller.ca

Website link: https://www.voteglennmiller.ca

‘I respectfully ask for your vote as Reeve of Ryerson Township.’


George Sterling:


As a councillor in Ryerson Township for the past eleven years, I am now asking for your support in the upcoming election. As a permanent resident of Ryerson since 1999, I have worked to improve our community in both my elected capacity and as a volunteer with several service organizations.

As we prepare for the future of our region the Economic Development Committee has completed a survey of small business in the area and has made recommendations to us. I commend the committee for their diligence and am prepared to support their recommendations to bring greater tourism and work opportunities to Ryerson and the surrounding townships. Several cost saving measures have also been identified in the survey of community services. It is my intention to see road improvement and bicycle lanes constructed to bring more tourism to the Near North, to see enhanced service to WiFi, cell phone networks and to encourage workplace training to allow our young people to live and work close to home.

I also support the unification of community services such as the Library, Sport arena, Landfill site and Fire department. These will promote efficiency and cost saving measures for our tax dollars.

It is important to be open and approachable to all of our residents both permanent and seasonal, and to keep Ryerson Township a great place to live, work and play.

My goal as Reeve will be to continue to serve the people of Ryerson in a fair, firm and friendly manner. I thank you for your interest in our community and I look forward to your support at the polls on October 22nd, 2018.


George Sterling


Penny Brandt: Acclaimed

Barbara Marlow: Acclaimed


Celia Finley:


My name is Celia Finley and I am standing for council in Ryerson Township. I am a happily married mother of four and grandmother of four. I am a graduate of the University of Toronto, with a B.A. in history and classical studies.

Before moving to Ryerson, I was a longtime resident of Huntsville and served on the Heritage Committee of council for ten years. I also served on the Downtown and Waterfront working group for the Official Plan Update.

Since moving to Ryerson, I co-authored an Investment Readiness study for the Ryerson, Armour and Burk’s Falls joint economic development committee and am pleased that many of our recommendations to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the area for business development have been acted upon.

I promise to work to ensure that services are delivered at the lowest possible cost by working cooperatively with Burk’s Falls and Armour whenever possible.

I will be vigilant about the protection of our natural environment and the preservation of the rural, recreational character of the township, while encouraging long-term growth through appropriate development.

I support affordable high speed rural broadband availability and continued participation in economic development initiatives for the region that will bring well paid jobs to attract young families to our beautiful area.

Continued support for local healthcare and Huntsville hospital are an essential part of that development. In addition, I support the building of a new senior care facility in Burk’s Falls, which will offer all levels of care to our growing population of seniors, as well as providing much needed employment for a variety of skills.

I will work to establish an ongoing dialogue with taxpayers and residents to get their input on the issues through twice yearly public meetings with no agenda, where all may speak freely, air their complaints and share their best ideas. Let’s all work together for a brighter future.

Contact me: Celia Finley 705 382-9804 or by email at thefinleyfarm@gmail.com


Delynne Patterson:

I have lived in Ryerson Township for 14 years and recently retired from the Near North District School Board after teaching at the elementary school level for 31 years.

I have chosen to run for the position of Councilor because I believe we must all contribute to the success of our community, and I am fortunate to have the time to step forward and offer to serve the community in which I live and play.

I know that the Ryerson Township staff and council work hard to keep our costs down and to run an efficient township. I want to support this good work and represent the taxpayers of Ryerson when decisions are made that affect them. I have a number of assets that I will bring to the team, including my willingness to listen and ask the right questions, and my organizational and decision-making skills.

If elected, I promise to work hard for you and to listen with an open mind and analyze all the facts, before making decisions based solely on what is best for the taxpayers of Ryerson Township. I would truly appreciate your vote and thank you, in advance, for the privilege of representing you on Ryerson Township Council.

For further information please contact me

Email- delynne.patterson@gmail.com

Facebook- Delynne Patterson- running for Ryerson Township Councilor

Phone- 705-382-2855


Joseph Vella:

From 1988 to 2013 I developed applications and processes for various ministries of the Ontario government, including Management Board, Shared Services, Ministry of Transportation, Financial Services Commission of Ontario and others.

At the same time, since 1985, I also worked with private corporations developing Accounting and manufacturing systems, process engineering, sales and real estate systems, property management tools and health care related software systems and devices, as well as setting up computer servers and systems.

I am a private pilot and have been flying since 1979. My interests include cycling and snowmobiling, playing music and singing, architecture and sustainable development.

My wife Lorraine and I have been coming to the Almaguin region yearly since 1989 for recreation with our four boys and have owned property here since 2015.

Our new house in Ryerson is nearing completion and we look forward to living in it this November.

I am not interested in politics, I am not competitive. I just want to help the community and bring ideas where they are needed.