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2019 Regatta Winner's List

What a wonderful 2 days of events. Here are your winners:


Upon completing the final check of the Regatta points for the various contestants and events, it was discovered that the 17 and Under Triathlon trophy was inadvertently given to the wrong team. The winning team consisted of: Brady and Lauryn Kuzma and Noah and Max Bradwin. Congratulations go to Team Kuzma and Bradwin! Here is the revised Winner's List:

Long Distance Canoe

17 and under CWA trophy – Sophie Beasley and Meaghan Colquhoun

Open Maijac trophy – Megan McTavish and Karl Saidla

Over 55 - Old Boy’s trophy – Rick Alexander and Jamie Bingham

Long Distance Kayak

17 and Under - Jack MacDonald, age 8 years

Open – Cameron Trophy – Lucas Spear

55 and Over - Kathy Baker

Sailing Race

Watson Island trophy Mike Wyatt and Trevor Wyatt

Short Canoe Races

Singles Male Henry F. White trophy – Dan Madell

Single Female Binghams’s Bay trophy – Courtney Ganz


Youngest team Sankey trophy – Angus Cameron, Sophie Alexander, Nick Alexander, Owen Alexander

17 and under John Baker trophy – Brady Kuzma, Lauryn Kuzma, Noah Bradwin and Max Bradwin

Open Morris trophy - Karl Saidla, James McTavish, Kelly McTavish and Meaghan McTavish

55 and over Wyatt trophy – Kelly Millar, Sandra White, Ken Mihan and Sue Kelley

Long Distance Swim

Male McLaughlan trophy – Andrew Martin

Female Thompson/Hall trophy – Jen Bradwin

Shoe Kick

Male 17 and under – Austin Hewlett

Male 18 and over – Matt Alexander

Female 17 and under – Kennedy Brown

Female 18 and over – Laura Shores

Cardboard Boat Race

17 & under Commodore’s trophy – Max Bradwin

18 and over Admiral’s trophy – Adam Bradwin

Log Rolling

Male Moffat trophy – Austin Hewlett

Female – Moffat trophy – Courtney Ganz

Egg Toss

Golden Egg trophy – Brent Hewlett and Dave Sankey

Overall Points

Male King trophy – Max Bradwin

Female King trophy – Courtney Ganz

Male 55 & over Seaman A. Mooney trophy – Rick Alexander

Female 55 & over Skip Schlosser trophy – Sue Kelley

Most Senior Person – Kathy Baker, Age 80

Youngest Person – Myles Marry, 4 weeks of age

From Farthest Away – Anne and Frank Friesen, Germany