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On behalf of the council, I wish you a very warm, happy and healthy New Year. Our new Council is getting underway and will shortly be working on our new budget. The members of Council are available to hear any concerns you may have. They are Barbara Marlow, Deputy Reeve 705 382-2205 and councilors Rosalind Hall 705 382-5102, George Sterling 705 382-1761 and Doug Weddel 705 382-9060, and of course myself, Glenn Miller, Reeve - home 705 382-2898 and cell 705 380-0142.

This Fall we were saddened by the loss of one of our long time councilors. Gilbert (Gib) Lane, known to many across the province as "The Chainsaw Man" died on Sunday, Nov. 28 at the age of 76 due to health complications. It was his mind that retained details that served him throughout 28 years on Ryerson Township council through stretches from 1973 to 1994 and from 2003 until his death. In recent years Gib pursued an interest in economic development for the region, specifically helping to establish the South East Parry Sound Economic Development committee. He also was a regular representative at the Almaguin Highlands Economic Development committee and prior to that sat on the board of the Almaguin 2000 economic development agency. Although Gib was a man of few words, he could tell you who lived where, when that bridge was built or the last time a road had work done on it. His comments on issues were well thought out and to the point. Ryerson Township and the Burk's Falls area have lost a "landmark!" and a great chainsaw man!

As we mentioned in our last issue, The Official Plan is now in effect except for those areas under appeal. The parts now in effect include general matters and also those parts of the plan which were not designated Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW), Floodplain, or Magnetawan River Development Area (MRDA), about 90%+ of the township.) We are still waiting for the Ontario Municipal Board decision resulting from the nine day hearing in November 2010 regarding the Official Plan and then we will be able to finalize the Zoning By-law process. The planning documents are available on the municipal web site (www.ryersontownship.com).

If history of the area is one of your passions, our Historical Society is looking for volunteers to help out at the Museum on Midlothian Road, especially in the summer time. Please contact the Township Office if you have a few hours a week to volunteer. We have accumulated a vast amount of history of our area and this would be a fun place to use some of your skills. The Ryerson Township History Book contains a lot of this info and is great reading at only $31.50. It also makes for a great gift for your history buff friends.

Council meetings are held at 7pm on the first and third Tuesday of the month, at the Municipal office. Everyone is welcome. Please call the township by 4pm of the Thursday preceding the meeting to be put on the agenda. Our E-mail address is admin@ryersontownship.ca. Please visit our website at www.ryersontownship.ca. Our telephone is 705-382-3232. We look forward to hearing from you.

Glenn Miller, Reeve

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