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CWA's Canoe Protocol for the 2015 Regatta

CWA Regatta Canoe Sign-Out Procedure

Events: Long Distance Canoe & Triathlon

Date of events: Saturday, August 1, 2015

Who can sign-out: Only paid up CWA members may sign-out a canoe. Note: the actual CWA member themselves must sign-out the canoe (not a family member or relative of the CWA member).

How many: Each CWA member may sign-out one (1) canoe per event.

What is provided: 1 Langford 15' fiberglass canoe, 3 paddles, 2 adult life-vests, 1 safety kit.

Cost: Free of charge.

Liability: The CWA member will be required to sign a Regatta participant waiver and be responsible for all monetary damages to the canoe and accessories.

Rental Procedure: There are three (3) ways to reserve a canoe:

1) Email: cecebecanoes@gmail.com

2) Text: 705-662-1126

3) Call Mark: 705-662-1126

These are the ONLY ways you may secure a canoe. No other method will be accepted.

Reservation Period:

Begins: Friday, July 24 @ 9:00am EST.

Closes: Friday, July 31 @ 9:00am EST.

Reservations will NOT be accepted for either event before or after this time period.

Canoes will be assigned on a "First come, First serve" basis. Book early in the “Reservation Period” to avoid disappointment.

Indicate if you would like a canoe for:

- Long Distance Canoe only

- Triathlon only

- Both events

Pick-up Location: Port Carmen Marina

Pick-up Times:

Long Distance Canoe: Friday July 31, 12:00pm to 5:00pm ONLY.

Triathlon: Saturday August 1, 12:00pm to 3:00pm ONLY.

Return times:

Long Distance Canoe: Saturday August 1 before 11:45am

Triathlon: Saturday August 1 before 5:00pm

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