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The Regatta Strategic Planning Committee (RSPC) whose members are Mark Alexander, Stuart McTavish, Barb Morrison, Carolyn Quinton, Martha Wyatt and Joan Wyatt (chair) met by teleconference September 7 for the first of six meetings in 2015/16. At this meeting we reviewed the 77 responses to our online questionnaire and then prioritized the issues from this data, as well as that compiled by Regatta chairperson Carolyn Quinton from this year’s fast-paced, fun-filled (but weather challenged) Regatta. We want to thank everyone who responded to the questionnaire. The information is very helpful and will form our recommendations for changes to the 2016 Regatta. We will make a full report in the Spring Newsletter.

We want to thank Ted Hewett and the staff at Port Carmen Marina: for space to have a booth at their opening in July and space to collect waivers and pre-event sign ups; for their generous support in managing canoe loans to CWA members for the Long Distance and Triathlon events; as well as their help to transport CWA canoes to and from Magnetawan for the Sunday Regatta Short Canoe races. And their help is ongoing. During the winter months the Marina will store CWA’s canoes. Port Carmen Marina is a committed friend to CWA. Please take a moment to thank them for their help and do not forget that as a CWA member you can rent CWA canoes at a discounted price from the Marina. Simply give them your name and (if you are in good standing) the discount applies.

Other new RSPC initiatives that worked well this year and will continue in 2016 were the Volunteer Flowchart that visually showed the events and all of the volunteers who generously helped to keep the Regatta running smoothly. Thanks to Mark Alexander for this. Thanks also to Peg Frederikse who co-ordinated volunteers this year. Her efforts saw many new faces get involved to help keep the work fun and not too onerous. Thank you also to John and Heather Wyatt who took on a new position doing publicity through our CWA Area Reps. Stuart McTavish took on running the Regatta’s “World Famous Hot Dog Stand”. This hub of the Regatta was (as is the long-standing tradition) if not fast, definitely friendly, yummy and profitable. Thanks Stuart et al. Thanks also to the Hughson/Rothery/Surowiak families for again hosting the site for the Canoe/Swim portion of the Triathlon. It is most generous of them. This year we arranged for a Port –a -Potty for the throngs who participated and accompanied participants in this event.

The RSPC wishes you a happy fall and winter and we will be back in communication with you in the spring to anticipate yet another successful Regatta Saturday and Sunday July 30th and 31st , 2016.

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