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WINTER 2016 - Regatta Strategic Planning Committee Report

The Regatta Strategic Planning Committee (RSPC), comprised of Mark Alexander, Stuart McTavish, Barb Morrison, Carolyn Quinton (Regatta Operations chair), Martha Wyatt and Joan Wyatt (Strategic Planning chair) met by teleconference October 22, November 19, January 14 and will meet next in early February. We are working our way through the agenda items generated from the experiences of Regatta 2015 and data collected from our on-line questionnaire. Sustaining a safe, fun, enjoyable Regatta consistent with the experience that has been established by so many dedicated volunteers over the past 36 years is what guides our deliberations. We will report in a more fulsome way to the CWA Board of Directors in the spring.

In the meantime, planning for the 2016 Cecebe Regatta is well underway and, as a result of ideas generated from the Questionnaire last summer, there will be some improvements. One of the most significant changes will be that the Short Canoe races will be expanded to include both Doubles and Singles heats. In order to accommodate these changes, the events on Sunday at the Magnetawan Park will begin at 10 o’clock in the morning.

As you know, the Regatta is run by volunteers and currently we are looking to fill three key positions:

1. Regatta Chairperson (to co-chair with Carolyn Quinton in 2016 and then assume full responsibility the following year)

2. Coordinator of Volunteers

3. Manager/s of the Triathlon (ideally this position is shared between two people)

If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions you can go to https://www.cecebewaterways.ca; click on the tab for Events, then 2015 Annual Regatta Job Description document and/or contact Carolyn Quinton (quintonc@sympatico.ca). We would love to hear from you. Competing is one form of fun at the Regatta. The other opportunity is to volunteer. You can participate and make a difference!

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