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The Cecebe Waterways 38th Annual Regatta was, once again, a successful venture, despite rain, wind and waves on Saturday, and rain, with the threat of thunder and lightning, on Sunday. After downpours on the Friday of Regatta weekend the Hughson/Rothery property, where Triathlon runners arrive to push off canoe teams, who then return to pick up their swimmers, was flooded out. Given that only rain showers were predicted for Saturday, the leadership team, in consultation with Norm Cameron, took a decision to alter the triathlon course for this year only, rather than cancel. The new course had the runners completing the same course, with their finish radioed to Rockwynn dock, signaling their canoes to push off. The canoe teams paddled a short circuit to the left of the Rockwynn/McTavish beach, returning to pick up their swimmers who circled right. While the revision worked as a temporary measure, it was far from perfect. Nevertheless 19 very determined teams enthusiastically embraced the challenge and finished the race. Thanks to all who made this alternate route possible, notably Darin Hoar and our insurer, and the McTavish clan for the use of its beach.

Earlier Saturday 17 canoe teams and 6 kayakers battled wind, waves, and showers in the long-distance canoe/kayak race, and 6 sailboats maneuvered in less than ideal conditions. And of course, the participants were not the only ones out in the weather. Event managers and their volunteer crews, including trusty safety boats, were at their posts keeping everyone safe. Now, that is dedication!

Sunday morning broke with the promise of sunshine and fun. That lasted until about 2 p.m. when the day was well ahead of schedule and eager sandcastle teams were busy with their creations. However, threatening clouds and radar weather reports indicated that there was a risk of life-threatening lightning. So, with disappointment, we cancelled further events, including the ever-popular egg toss.

Until that moment participation was vigorous and the park abuzz with visiting and laughter. The CWA world-famous hotdog stand did a brisk business contributing $925 profit to the regatta budget. 313 waiver forms were signed this year, with a record number of 189 signed online. 125 volunteers contributed their time, expertise, grace, and cheerfulness to make it all happen, and to keep everyone safe. 144 participants earned points, and many others participated.

The CWA Regatta is a wonderful opportunity to meet, greet, and compete. It is also a reminder of what a privilege is ours to be part of an organization that cares enough about its members to make this long-standing event continue for all to enjoy. A big thank-you to all the dedicated volunteers, the cheering onlookers, and the hardy participants who made it happen this year. For regatta pictures, trophy winners, and volunteer opportunities check out the CWA website -- https://www.cecebewaterways.ca, and remember August 4th and 5th will be Regatta 2018!

2017 Leadership Team (Assisted by staff support, Natasha Charbonneau, and lifeguard Carter Metcalf)

Matt Alexander, Sunday Chair,

Jennifer Quinton, Saturday Chair

Joan Wyatt, Administrator

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