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On May 18 2014, CWA Directors and members approved a proposal from Carolyn Quinton and Martha Wyatt to create two organizational components for the CWA Regatta. One component is an Operations Committee that has oversight and decision making for all matters relating to the day to day running of an annual Regatta. The second is a Strategic Planning Committee to propose long-term decisions and set strategic direction for the Regatta. (A copy of this document is available on the CWA website; go to Events and then Regatta)

The CWA meeting of October 12th, 2014 approved the membership of the CWA Regatta Strategic Planning Committee (RSPC). Members of this committee are Mark Alexander (mark@minesource.com 705 673 7268), Stuart McTavish (sf.mctavish@sympatico.ca 519 743 4143), Barb Morrison (jbmorrison@rogers.com 905 430 4835), Carolyn Quinton (Regatta Operations chairperson) (quintonc@sympatico.ca 416 239 1884), Martha Wyatt (wyatt.martha@gmail.com 416 581 0252) and Joan Wyatt (CWA Director and Strategic Planning Committee chairperson) (joan.wyatt@utoronto.ca 705 387 0517).

The committee has six meetings scheduled prior to the first CWA directors meeting on May 17, 2015. A full report will be prepared for that meeting on decisions made and recommendations forwarded from this committee. This report will be made available to members in advance. Below, please find highlights of our work to date.

The committee has prioritized ten identified items for discussion. High priority items are being addressed first. Several decisions have been made after review of relevant information and/or further research was completed. The committee aims to address or partially address all the items prior to the May 17th meeting.

In November, the Strategic Planning Committee determined that two new positions would benefit the running of the Regatta. These two positions will become members of the Operations Committee. The first position is a Volunteer Manager who will work closely with the Operations chairperson. Peggy Frederikse has agreed to serve in this capacity for the coming year. The second position is an Advertising/Promotions Manager, who again will work closely with the Regatta chair. This position is open and we would be happy to hear from anyone interested to serve. Full detailed position descriptions for all of the positions currently required to run the 2015 Regatta will be available by mid-February and will be posted on the website. Thanks to Carolyn Quinton for her work to develop these job descriptions and ensure the ongoing success of the Regatta.

Mark Alexander has produced a visual organizational chart of the operations of the Regatta which will include all of the volunteer positions. We hope that this will help everyone see at a glance how everything flows to create a smooth Regatta operation and will aid in volunteer recruitment and succession planning. So, if you see something on the flow chart that you think might fit your interest and gifts, please let us know by contacting our volunteer co-ordinator, Peg Frederikse at pfrederikse@gmail.com or sign up on the back of the membership questionnaire included in this newsletter. We are committed to follow up with all who are willing to help at this marquee event for our association.

Stuart McTavish undertook a full examination of the Hot Dog Stand, its financial and HR costs and benefits. The happy outcome is that Stuart has volunteered to run the Hot Dog stand in 2015 and is now also looking for volunteers to enjoy that fun task. You can sign up for this on the membership questionnaire or contact Peg as well. We are so grateful to the Hoar family for their recent management of the world famous hotdog stand. There is a long line of stellar volunteers who over the years have made this not only a helpful addition but also a fun part of the Regatta, not only that it covers the financial costs of the Regatta!.

A question that the Strategic Planning Committee will be considering and would appreciate wider input is how broad and inclusive should our Regatta be? Is it something that should be open only to members and guests or is it something that should be open to anyone living locally or who resides at other nearby lakes or camps? We have always advertised in the local newspaper and put up signs around both Magnetawan and Burks Falls. Nothing in our advertising has indicated that we do not welcome all comers. An exception has been that Triathlon teams must have no more than one outsider to qualify for points and trophies. If you have an opinion about this issue that you would like to share with the committee please contact one of the Strategic Planning committee members, or the chair.

If you have any other questions, concerns or comments that you think need to be considered by the Regatta Strategic Planning Committee, again, please be in touch with us or simply add your comments to the Membership Questionnaire included in this newsletter and return it with your membership fees.

As I write this the snow is deep and the thermometer reads 21 below….but summer will soon be here!

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