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2012 was a great “spar” year. The new stainless steel chains which replaced the old galvanizeMoving the spars at Lake’s End to higher ground during this spring’s floodingd chains in 2007 are still just like new, as are the stainless steel hoops in all of the new anchors. Stainless steel chain is impervious to the electrolytic reaction of the old PVC chain and the iron content in the water and will not deteriorate. The two new permanent spars at the entrance to the Magnetawan Harbour have worked very well, especially since they are “untippable!” This year we will add 2 more permanent spars which will go in at the lighthouse, closest to the Magnetawan Harbour. Your association has committed to purchasing 2 permanent spars per year, so each year you will see 2 new ones. All of our lights are now solar power, which are brighter and can be seen from a much greater distance. So, as an association we are in really good shape, spar wise.

Thanks to all of our spar volunteers and their families and helpers for looking after the spars each year. This is not an easy job. If it’s not cold when they are put in the water in May, then for sure it’s really cold and the water is rough in October when they come out. Special thanks to Don Nancekivell and Mike Kinsey and families who look after the 6 spars at the Lighthouse; to Tim Brunton for the spar at the end of King’s Cove Road; to Ted White and family for the 4 spars by Marshall Island; to the Hewlett family for the spar at the north end of Watson Island; to Dennis Mooney for the spar off his point; to Ken Mihan for the north end of Gordon Island; to Ted MacDonald for the spar at the south west end of Gordon Island, to John McDonald for the spar at the point of Jeffery Road and for helping with 4 other spars in the river, and to Wally Zelinsky for the 4 spars closest to Midlothian Lake. Your volunteer efforts make a very safe waterway for our members, guests and visitors and are greatly appreciated by all.

Happy Spring – hope to see you out on the water.

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