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Would you like to reach the Lake Cecebe cottage residents? Would you like to capture some of these dollars spent in our area? Would you like affordable advertising? Cecebe Waterways Association has a membership of 240+ homes composed of seasonal and permanent residents. We have an extensive online advertising segment where your ad is placed, and as well it also appears randomly on the home page in the “Our Fabulous Adertisers” section. We also send out regular emails to our members in which our advertisers are mentioned.

For an annual fee of $40.00, you receive: 1. Online coverage 24/7 and regular email coverage as well ; 2. The ability to put your name and business before all of our members, and 3. A graphic and a flyer of your choice can accompany your online ad – the flyers can be permanent or changed as necessary.

All of the details are shown in the pdf version titled "May 2018 - Letter to our Advertisers re Upcoming Changes" beside this article, and are printed in detail below.

- Just give Jamie a call at any of the contact details below for further information. We thank you for your support.

Cecebe Waterways Association

c/o James Bingham, Advertising Chair

RR3, 32 Lake Cecebe, Burk’s Falls, ON, POA 1CO

705-705-349-3722; bingandco@live.ca

Revised August 1, 2019



May 14, 2018

Personalized to each of our Advertisers and enclosed with their newsletter

Dear __________:

Attached is our Spring 2018 newsletter and we hope you will enjoy reading about what’s happening with the association as we begin our summer season.

As you will have noted from the President’s Report on the cover of the newsletter, https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/archives/cwa/1502.htm the Cecebe Waterways Association (CWA) is growing with the marketplace and introducing changes in how we communicate with our members.

As of the end of 2018 we will be replacing the newsletter with information put directly onto the website. This edition (Spring Newsletter) is the last mailed out version. The Fall newsletter will be the last newsletter and will be online only. In 2019 and beyond, information and advertiser information will be added to the website as it happens.

Our Facebook page “Cecebe Waterways” will be up and running within the next month and will quickly become a beehive of activity. The format includes linking your advertising to the page.

How do these changes affect you, the advertiser? We are now offering more effective advertising through our website, facebook page and email to our members. Your ads will be in full colour; your business description can be as intricate as you wish and changes to your ads can be acted on immediately. All of this will give you greater exposure to our 241+ members.

Most importantly CWA has developed an online 14 page “Our Amazing Advertisers” section that is easily accessible to our members and you. The ad format has not changed – it is the same, except that all ads will now display in full colour! The format is pdf and can be downloaded easily.

CWA’s ability to promote your “Inserts/Promotional Literature and “Specials/Flyers remains available. They will be found attached to the “Our Amazing Advertisers” page as well shown in the “Advertising Brochures and Inserts” category on the “Our Advertisers” tab (https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/directory/advertising-brochures-and-inserts.htm).

. . . . . 2

IN SUMMARY, here are the details:


· Individual pricing will remain the same

· Should graphic help be needed, the fee will remain the same ($50 per ad)

· Inserts and flyers will now be at no cost. Your ad supplied in a printed document or in digital format (pdf) is all that we require


Your exposure to our members will increase dramatically, as shown below:

o Your ad(s) will display on the home page in the lower right corner (under the Weather graphic) with the heading “Our Fabulous Advertisers” https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/index.htm

o Your ad also displays on the Home page at the top right, below “Cottage Cook” with the title “Our Advertisers”. https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/index.htm

o All ads cycle on the home page under our “Our Fabulous Advertisers” https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/

o Your ad can also be found with similar types of businesses on our master advertising pages at https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/directory/current-advertisements.htm indexed and displayed

o Your advertisements will be 100% full colour – no more black and white necessary

o Ads and inserts/flyers can be added or modified immediately. Previously there was a nominal charge and you needed to supply the inserts and/or flyers, now there is no cost and as mentioned above, all you need to supply is a sample or a pdf file

o Your business name will appear alphabetically in the signature area of all emails, including those to our members

We are very excited about these changes which will increase exposure to your business through our website, facebook page and email communication.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you in the future.


Cecebe Waterways Association

James Bingham, Advertising Chair

32 Lake Cecebe, Burk’s Falls ON POA 1CO

705-349-3722; bingandco@live.ca

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