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CWA'S 17TH ANNUAL CORN ROAST - Saturday August 20th, 2016

Preparation for this year’s Corn Roast started early, it happened a week late, the corn was donated twice, but we had only half as many attending as last year! Yes, we blame it on the weather, superb last year and unspeakable on the regular date this year. By the time we announced the postponement, Larry and crew had prepared the site, Ken Brett had brought up the corn, the Hoars had set up the lights, and all the food and wine and beer and even music had been ordered.

The weather lived up to the dismal forecast. Even the Poker Run had to be modified. My (rain) hat is off to all those who toured the docks anyway.

Well, the next weekend almost all the Wyatts were at David Nadalin’s wedding. Few of the Bingham or McTavish or Mihan clans could stay up for that weekend, and to add competition The Tragically Hip’s Final Concert was being broadcast live nationwide. So we roasters were reduced to a few, a happy few of about 100! Jack King’s knoll seemed a lot bigger than in past years. Fortunately the preparation of the previous week was still useful for us, and Ken Brett handed off a second lot of delicious corn to Jeff Baker at Hwy 400 and 89 on Friday afternoon (that took a little organizing!). We had at least the usual number of volunteers for this second running: John and Darin Hoar and friend and myself and Dennis Mooney standing in for Larry Laidlaw and crew for setup and take down, Karla standing in for Pat Laidlaw at the entry, Kathy, Peggy Frederikse and Sue Hewlett and occasionally me looking after the food, Nathan Locke taking over the kids’ entertainment responsibility from brother Owen, Dave Sankey and crew shucking and cooking the corn in the Wasielewski pot on its magnificent tripod, Darin Hoar and Logan Naftel supervising the beer and the wine, and Bob Thorp, Bob Weaver, Stan Koebel and Tim Brunton keeping the delicious burgers and dogs coming off the barbeque. Jim Allen warmed us all up for the Tragically Hip with his own music till about 9, for the fourth year.

Back in July we recognized that Jack and Willa King had been in declining health all year. In addition to being the CWA’s first president, its only Director Emeritus, and a tireless force for good in Magnetawan and on our lake, Jack has been our host for all of our 17 years on the Kings’ Knoll. It is only recently that the CWA has taken over much of the responsibility for the event from Jack himself and his tireless deputy Larry Laidlaw. The Board of Directors acted to keep this memory alive by renaming the event the Jack and Willa King Memorial Corn Roast. Since Jack passed away just before the regatta, and his son John was able to come to the roast with his wife Lisa and sons Thomas and Matthew, I made a special announcement of the renaming shortly after they arrived, and John said a few welcome words about how important Cecebe had always been to his father.

PHOTO: Jack and Willa King's last moments at the cottage, on their 63rd wedding anniversary, August 4, 2015

The other announcement at the Jack and Willa King Memorial Corn Roast was the winners of the Poker Derby, by its founding organizer Mike Kinsey. Brian Towsley won with a full house, the best of 43 poker hands collected despite the rains of the previous week. 43 hands means $430 raised for the Burks Falls Food Bank, a favourite charity of Jack King’s. Brian Towsley took home the prize of an inflatable paddle board, donated by Brenda and Allan Fraser from the Mag Home Building Centre. Thank you Brenda and Allan, and congratulations to Mike and his team of host docks.

Be sure to check out the photos in the photo gallery on the website. Many thanks to all the volunteers, in both weeks. Larry, we missed you. It will be all the better to have you back next year.

Norm Cameron, President

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