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Children's Games at 4:30 - Corn Roast from 5:30 through 9:30pm. Don't miss out on lots of fun and meeting your neighbours and fellow CWA members and guests.



Saturday August 19th, 2017, 4:30pm sharp – Children’s games

5:30 – 9:30pm Corn roast

By Norm Cameron

The first Jack and Willa King Memorial Corn Roast ever to be held away from the knoll above Jack’s cottage was a delightful success. About 125 attendees, many of them new to the Corn Roast and the association, healthy appetites, plentiful volunteers, Jim Allen’s good music in the background, and only a bit of trouble with some parking on sodden ground left by days of rain. After the first three cars got stuck at Colquhoun’s parking area we used the road instead.

The Corn Roast is the third event this season at which the CWA offers up food and drink. Not surprisingly, this one went off smoothly. The Bretts’ corn that stars in this event was snapped up as fast as Dave Sankey could take it out of the cauldron. All burgers and hot dogs were consumed, all the red wine, almost all of the white wine, though nowhere near all the beer. All the desserts were eaten, though some of them went to the many volunteers the next morning taking down and putting away all the gear. With the amount of gear we now use, the volunteers earned it!

In addition to the usual evening of food, drink, and good company we carried out some CWA business – Mike Kinsey awarding the Poker Run Trophy to the boat of Ann Paine Johnston for a full house poker hand, your president giving out the remaining Regatta take-home trophies not already picked up, Pat Laidlaw getting more written express consents from members so we can continue to send you emails as needed, Karla Patterson collecting donations to the Food Bank.

More than the usual suspects were guilty of the usual generosity to make this Corn Roast happen. Kathy (Baker) as hostess with help from Diane Weaver and the whole Baker family; Nathan Locke and Heather White running the children’s games; the food and drink team of Karla Patterson, Peg Frederikse, and Sue Hewlett; the corn team of the Bretts (the donors of the excellent corn), Dave Sankey and John Wasielewski; the BBQ team of Jim Patterson and Bob and Diane Weaver; the wine and beer team of Darin Hoar and Logan Naftel; the set up team led by Larry Laidlaw, including the Hoar and Mihan families, the large knockdown team to get it all back into our much used storage unit now at the Port Carmen Marina (Nathan and Owen Locke and 3 friends, the Taits, the Kelleys, Sharon and Russ Woodruff, Jo-Anne Bond and Richard Durling, and the president and his hardworking pontoon boat). Many thanks to you all for another good celebration of summer on Cecebe.

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