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CWA's 10th Annual Poker Run - Saturday August 18th, 2018

Hosts: Ann and Chris Johnston, 126 Chapman Drive

What a wonderful warm sunny day for the Poker Run! After rain for the past 3 years this was a blast and 63 teams competed for the Magnetawan Building Centre's prize of a 2 beautiful moss green composite material Muskoka chairs.

Last year’s event raised $440.00 and this year raised $630. This just shows what a little bit of sunshine can do! Today’s proceeds go to the Burk’s Falls and District Food Bank.

The Magnetawan Building Centre has donated an awesome prize every year since we started. Last year and again this year Port Carmen Marina hosted a BBQ lunch with funds also going to the food bank. Thank you all for supporting your local businesses.

There were 7 host docks scattered around the lake which made this an exciting event. Some were water access only, some had road access, some were at the south end of the lake, some in the middle, and one down closer to the Light House. The docks are the key to the success so if you have hosted in the past, you know how much fun it is! Throughout the event one family has already volunteered to be 2019 hosts, leaving lots of room for others. If you wish to be a host, please contact Mike at mike@makmechanical.ca or 705-828-1279 to reserve your spot for next year’s “2019 host dock” list.

Mike Kinsey announced the winner of the Poker Run, with a hand of four 9s beating two full houses (one of Kings and Jacks, the other of Jacks and Kings!). 63 poker teams competed, from 50 or more boats, raising $630 for the Burk’s Falls Food Bank. Rob Capobianco, Wurm Road took home the prize of two Muskoka Chair. Thank you, Brenda and Allan, and congratulations to Rob, and to Mike and his team of host docks. Thanks also to all our poker “teams” – we couldn’t have done this without you!! It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time.

Be sure to check out the photos on the website – https://www.cecebewaterways.ca/gallery/annual-poker-run.htm and don’t forget to contact Mike to be a dock host this coming year!


CWA's 10th Annual Poker Run Unofficial Report

Saturday August 18th, 2019

What a wonderful day! Sun, warm weather and 63 teams! 7 host docks! Lots of volunteers and mega participants. It doesn't get better than that.

The winner of the Poker Run was Phil Capobianco with four "9"s, narrowly beating 2 other teams who each had a "full house". Unfortunately Phil was unable to attend but Norm Cameron graciously accepted the trophy for him, presented by Poker Run chair Mike Kinsey.

Once again Al and Brenda at the Magnetawan Home Building Centre donated the Poker Run prize - 2 beautiful moss green composite Muksoka chairs! Many thanks, Al and Brenda!!

The proceeds of the Poker Run are donated to the Burk's Falls and District Food Bank. 63 teams competed resulting in $630 to be donated. Way to go, Mike!!

Please watch for our official Poker Run report coming soon. And if you would like reserve a spot to be a dock host for 2019 please contact Mike - mike@makmechanical.ca or 705-828-1279

Be sure and check out the Poker Run photos in the photo gallery - they are beautiful!

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2018 Poker Run

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