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2018 Municipal Election Information and Candidate Submissions

Election Day is Monday October 22nd, 2018

As in previous years, both the Municipality of Magnetawan and Ryerson Township will be conducting their voting method by way of VOTE BY MAIL

Also as in past years, we will be asking all registered candidates from both the Municipality of Magnetawan and the Township of Ryerson if they would like to promote their platforms through our website. Not only does it give them more coverage, it also makes it easier for our members to make an "educated" vote. If you do not see their information below, it will be because they have chosen not to partake of our program.

Please keep checking the 2 articles below - candidate submissions are being added as they are received.

Election information is also below in a file

The results of the voting for both Magnetawan and Ryerson will be published here early on the morning after the election - the 23rd of October.

We found 10 articles

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