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Saturday August 4th and Sunday August 5th2018

  • · All participants, including volunteers, must sign an INDIVIDUAL WAIVER and get a HAND STAMP before participating
  • · Advance sign up for waivers and all Saturday and Sunday non-park events are available ONLINE at Cecebewaterways.ca/events/annualregatta
  • · Waivers are available at each event site (except Triathlon)
  • · Participants under 18yrs must have an adult sign their waiver
  • · All participants under age 18 are required to wear a life jacket for all Saturday events
  • · All participating water craft must have regulation safety equipment.
  • · Triathlon: Advance Individual Waiver and Advance Team Sign up is MANDATORY
  • · Triathlon: entry limited to CWA members and guests; one guest per team; max 25 teams
  • · Trans persons compete in events in the gender category in which they identify


9:30 a.m. Long Distance Canoe and Kayak Race Start from Baker’s cottage at 39 Sandwood Dr; finish at Port Carmen Marina dock; two paddlers per canoe; single kayaks; course distance 3.2 km; Age Categories: 17 years and under; Open; 55 years and over.

12:00 noon. Sailboat Race - Start at Mooney's Point (19 Cedar Lane, off Chapman Drive); Age Category Open; A handicap system is used to determine winners.

3:30 p.m. Triathlon: Advance INDIVIDUAL WAIVER and TEAM SIGNUP is MANDATORY. Forms available ONLINE or at Port Carmen Marina; Minimum age is 9 years by July 1st 2018; No flotation devices are permitted for swimmers. Due to the popularity of this event, only CWA members and their guests are permitted to enter (maximum of one guest per team). Entry is restricted to 25 teams.

  • Runner starts at Chapman Drive West & Highway #520; runs 2.3 km. to Hughson/Rothery beach
  • Canoeists (2) start at and return to Hughson/Rothery beach (# 464 Chapman Drive). All canoes must have safety equipment. Participants under 18yrs must wear life jackets. Distance 1.5 km.
  • Swimmer (1 person accompanied by 2 canoeists) starts at #464 Chapman Drive and finishes at Rockwynn Landing dock. Swim course 1 km.
  • Team Categories: Youngest (minimum 9yrs);17 years and under; Open; 55 years and over


8:30 a.m. Long Distance Swim Start at Norm and Bev Cameron’s (1 Cedar Lane, next to LOON LOOKOUT); Finish at Port Carmen Marina dock; All swimmers must be accompanied by two people in a canoe with safety equipment. Categories: Male - open; Female – open; distance 1.6 km.

10:00 a.m. Running Races
All ages

10:45 a.m. Shoe Kick All ages

11:15 a.m. Cardboard Boat Race (Advance Sign up) Boat built ONLY from cardboard, tape and paint. All participants must wear life jackets. No age limit on paddlers; any number of paddlers in a boat.

11:30 a.m. Swimming Races All ages

12:15 p.m. Canoe Races; (Advance Sign up) Singles 17 and over; Doubles all ages

Children must wear their own life jackets; Canoes, paddles, adult life jackets supplied

2:45 p.m. Log Rolling (Advance Sign up) All ages

3:15 p.m. Sand Castle Building (Team Advance Sign up) All ages

3:45 p.m. Egg Toss All ages

4:15 p.m. Closing Ceremony Trophies Awarded

The CWA WORLD FAMOUS HOT DOG STAND will sell food, drinks and snacks at the Park on Sunday

Many Regatta volunteer opportunities are available; If you can help please call or email

Mark Alexander, coordinator of volunteers at (705) 662-1126 or mark@minesource.com


Long Distance Canoe

17 and under CWA trophy – Matthew Martin and Andrew Martin

Open Maijac trophy - Megan McTavish, Karl Saidla

Over 55 - Old Boy’s trophy – Jamie Bingham and Logan Naftel

Sailing Race

Watson Island trophy - Stuart McTavish

Short Canoe Races

Singles Male Henry F. White trophy – Ted Bingham

Single Female Binghams’s Bay trophy – Courtney Sankey


Youngest team Sankey trophy - Sophie Beasley, Kyleigh Hoar, DJ Birks, Derek MacDonald

17 and under John Baker trophy – Sophie Alexander, Owen Alexander, Austin Hewlett and Austin Mayer

Open Morris trophy - Andrew Martin, Dave Martin, Britta Martin, Matthew Martin

55 and over Wyatt trophy - John Wyatt, Logan Naftel, Kathy Baker, Jamie Bingham

Long Distance Swim

Male McLaughlan trophy - Matthew Martin

Female Thompson/Hall trophy – Abby White

Shoe Kick

Male 17 and under – Austin Hewlett

Male 18 and over – Matthew Alexander

Female 17 and under - Sophie Alexander

Female 18 and over – Pam Alexander

Cardboard Boat Race

17 & under Commodore’s trophy - Bianca Hernandez and Kennedy Brown

18 and over Admiral’s trophy – Darryl Hopper and Bob Vanzeyl

Log Rolling

Male Moffat trophy – Aiden Kirley

Female – Moffat trophy – Cassidy Sankey

Egg Toss

Golden Egg trophy – cancelled due to rain and thunder storm

Overall Points

Male King trophy - Matthew Martin

Female King trophy – Kyleigh Hoar

Male 55 & over Seaman A. Mooney trophy - Logan Naftel

Female 55 & over Skip Schlosser trophy - Kathy Baker

Most Senior Person – Marjorie Colquhoun, Age 81

Youngest Person – Zoe Czernik, Age 2 months, 5 days

From Farthest Away – Stephanie Charbonneau, Calgary Alberta

The Egg Toss and the Awards ceremony were cancelled due to the sudden onset of rain, thunder and lightening. Both will take place at the Corn Roast being held on Saturday August 19th, at the Baker cottage. Children's games at 4:30pm, Dinner from 5:30 on. Address and contact details - 39 Sandwood Drive. 705 387-3750 bakersacres7@gmail.com


2017 Regatta Waiver

2017 Regatta Triathlon Registration Sign-up Sheet

2017 Regatta Long Distance Canoe/Kayak Registration Sign-up Sheet

2017 Regatta Sailboat Registration Sign-up Sheet

CWA Regatta 2017 Canoe Sign-Out Procedure for the Long Distance Canoe and Triathlon Races

2017 Revised Regatta Schedule/Poster, Saturday/Sunday August 5 and 6 2017

Volunteers are needed to help run our Regatta - please click to find out how you can help . . VOLUNTEER EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM


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